Visual Networks

Animate network messages

If you’re a professional in the communications industry you’ve seen the diagrams in books, meetings and at trade shows: a network with a dozen nodes, an internet cloud, and a new product or feature highlighted with arrows and links. You may have created a few diagrams like that yourself. Such diagrams are everywhere, since helping others visualize how a network works is a lot easier to do with a diagram than it is to detail in words. There is still a problem, however: the network diagrams are static, but the data in that network is dynamic.

Sting Visual Networks can help you bring your network diagrams to life. It allows you to draw out the nodes and links in your network, and then define, trigger and animate the actual messages that are sent between nodes. You can use this extra information to explain to your customers or colleagues how connections are established, data is transferred, or any of the other multitude of messaging procedures that run within your network. Make your presentations stand out from the competition!

Communication networks provide just one example of where simulation messaging can be useful. If you are a software professional you can use messaging to simulate function calls being made between different components within your application. Or if you are a scientist you can use messaging to show how chemical messages are sent within a persons body or other self-contained system. The possibilities are limitless.

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