Visual Learning

E-learning tools

Sting Visual Learning adds interactive e-learning features to the Sting product line. E-learning content creators can set up their simulations to prompt their students using tools such as multiple choice and short-answer triggers. The answers to those prompts can then be used by other triggers or conditional branches to control how the simulation will proceed.

Adding these interactive features provides the e-learning student with a measure of control when the simulation is running in the Player. Not only that, the Player user can save their specific actions to a new file each time the simulation is run. These saved versions of the simulation can then be opened for later review by either the student or the course instructor.

We are just getting started with this product and have a number of other features planned or in the works. If you are an e-learning professional then please give Sting Visual Learning a try and let us know what features you would like us to add in the future!

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