Therapy Toolkit

Interactive therapy tools

Sting Therapy Toolkit provides an innovative way for therapists to engage their clients during a therapy session. Our simulation software makes it easy to animate events that the therapist and client would like to discuss. Then the client can interactively add their input as the simulation unfolds. When the discussion is complete the updated simulation can be saved for future reference, review or discussions.

Yellowjacket has worked with professional therapists to create customizable graphics that allow the client to personalize the simulation with their name, skin color, and age-appropriate characters. The interactive features include an emoticon chooser that can be used to associate emoticons to each character, and a thermometer widget that allows the client to indicate the intensity of a feeling they are experiencing. Our cognitive triad widget helps the therapist and client step through a discussion that can illustrate how behaviors can change as thoughts and feelings change.

Therapy Toolkit comes with many demo simulations that can be used as templates for a session. When combined with our easy-to-use editing software the therapist has the ability to create narrative timelines and simulations that are completely customized for each client. Typically a therapist will review and identify suitable templates for a client prior to a session, then open them in the Sting Player before or during a session. As many or as few simulations can be used as required.

We think the Sting Therapy Toolkit provides a new and unique set of tools for therapists and clients. Please download our free trial, watch our training video, or contact us if you’d like more information.

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