Yellowjacket Sting has a rich set of features grouped into a variety of products. All features are compatible with all other features, and many users will find that buying all features with the Sting Bundle is their preferred product choice. Please click on the following screenshots for larger images or visit our Demos page to watch videos of our Sting simulations in action.

Sting Editor

Sting drawing and editing windows are common to all of our products and make it easy to create a graphical simulation. No programming required!

A graphical editor makes it easy for the author to draw the system they want to simulate

Sting has thousands of built-in images, including directional and animated images that can be customized in the image selection dialog

Manage objects and other simulation settings using tabbed property sheets

Sophisticated trigger-based design allows the author to initiate actions based on a wide variety of simulation conditions

The timeline allows the author to see a preview of how the simulation will look at any given point in time

Sting profiles allow the author to quickly customize the background and object images for commonly used simulation templates

Custom widgets allow the author to size and incorporate objects that monitor, log or initiate simulation events

Simulation timescales can be measured in units ranging from microseconds to years, and distance scales can be measured in pixels or in a variety of metric or Imperial units

The layout manager allows the author to define how the simulation is sized and widgets are positioned in the Player

Sting Player

The Sting Player will play any simulation created in the Sting Editor

The Sting Player has a progress bar and controls that are very similar to a video player

Sting Innovator

Sting Innovator extends the basic editing features of Sting and allows you to publish your simulations on the internet. Some key features are below.

It is easy to save your simulations as internet-ready video files

Speed up simulation development time with multi-level undo/redo, recurring triggers and secondary objects

Sting Visualizer

The Sting Visualizer product line helps you explain your work or ideas to others. Some typical screenshots for our products are below.

Sting Playmaker allows you to easily send a pass between two players by dragging a line between the two points where you want the pass to be sent and received

Sting Visual Networks allow you to send and visualize network messages in multiple ways

Sting Path Manager allows you to visualize multiple levels of tracking, as shown by moons orbiting planets as those planets orbit the sun

Sting Path Manager allows you to easily generate traffic from any intersection on a path

Unused traffic objects can be parked using Sting Path Manager

Sting Professional

The Sting Professional product line offer interactivity and other advanced features customized for specific industries.

Therapy Toolkit has an interactive cognitive triad widget that can help illustrate how behaviors can change as thoughts and feelings change.

Therapy clients can select, update and customize emoticons to associate with their character when a Therapy Toolkit simulation is running

Sting Therapy Toolkit has interactive thermometer widgets that can help measure the intensity of feelings for a therapy client

Interactive multiple choice triggers in Sting Visual Learning can be used to prompt the user when the simulation is running

Sting Visual Learning allows you to specify branch conditions to determine which way an object will turn when it arrives at an intersection

Sting Visual Networks Pro can be used to add and remove temporary links to your simulation based on antenna signal strength, as shown here

Sting Visual Networks Pro allows you to add state machine widgets created in this custom editor

Sting Visual Networks Pro allows you to add parameters to your messages using this protocol editor

Your Industry

Sting is a general-purpose editing tool that can simulate systems for a wide variety of industries. Find a screenshot for your industry here.

Sports – Pass an object such as a ball or puck from one player to another to simulate actions in a playbook or training drill

Therapy – Interactive tools can help engage clients during a therapy session

E-learning – Add prompts and other interactive training tools to your simulations

Networking – Draw virtually any communications network and then trigger and monitor messages between network nodes

History – Animate and explain historical events such as exploratory voyages, migrations, trade routes and military campaigns

Transportation – Generate traffic and overlay paths and intersections on a map to simulate a real-world transportation network

Education – K-12 teachers, colleges and professional training companies can complement their existing training materials with Sting simulations

Sciences – Simulate systems and processes in scientific disciplines such as astronomy, chemistry, medicine and physics


Wireless – Use antennas, signal strength monitoring and dynamic link management to create a realistic view of wireless systems

Help Systems

Extensive help is available
for all of our products.

The context-sensitive online help system for Sting is readily available from all property pages

Sting user tips help you get up to speed when you perform editing tasks for the first time