Path Manager

Set up object tracking and traffic generation

Creating a Sting simulation is as easy as “Draw, Trigger, Play”, and one of the most important drawing features is the ability to define the path that a given object will traverse as the simulation progresses. Our Sting Path Manager product takes this drawing capability to the next level by allowing you to add multiple branches to a path and then generating traffic from any intersection. You could use this feature to simulate traffic on a grid of city streets or at an airport, as just two examples.

Once your multi-branch path is complete generating traffic is easy: just click on an intersection and you will be able to define the frequency and properties of traffic that will start from that intersection. Object icons, parking and turn properties can all be customized.

Sting Path Manager also makes it easy to set up one or more levels of tracking. For example, we’ve set up our solar system simulation so the moon is orbiting the earth even as the earth orbits the sun. Sting does all of the path calculations to keep the moon properly positioned. Objects can also be set up to follow one another. Our chemical reaction simulation has multiple electrons following one another around a nucleus. All settings can be defined in minutes using simple property management windows.

While Sting Path Manager is well-suited for simulating transportation networks, don’t feel that you’re limited by the terminology! We’ve used our traffic generation features to simulate everything from school fire drills and fireworks displays to ant-hills and ski hills. Please visit our Demos page for these examples and more, or download the software to try out your own ideas.

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