Customized video files and advanced editing

Unlock your Sting video file watermarks with Sting Innovator! The Sting Editor allows you to save your simulation to a video file that can then be uploaded to your favorite video sharing website. However, if you haven’t purchased any Sting product then your video files will always include Yellowjacket Software watermarks. These watermarks can be removed or customized by purchasing Sting Innovator or any other Sting product.

Your purchase of Sting Innovator will also enable some advanced editing features that are disabled when the trial version of your software expires. These include multi-level undo/redo of your editing actions, recurring triggers and the ability to apply triggers to multiple objects. If you like Sting Free and don’t have the need for features in our Sting Professional products, then Sting Innovator might be the right product for you.

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