What does Sting do?

Sting makes it easy to animate a diagram. Anyone who has a need to present information might find Sting useful, regardless of their industry. Most people can think of a situation where visually describing how objects or information move over time would improve their ability to explain a concept. Sting can often be used in these cases.

How does Sting work?

Our customers use the Sting Editor to create simulations that are viewed in the Sting Player. A good analogy is to compare Sting to Microsoft PowerPoint ®. PowerPoint is an editing tool that can create slide shows. Someone who is knowledgeable about a given set of information can use PowerPoint to create their slides and save the presentation into a PowerPoint file (.ppt). The slide show can be played directly from the editor to an audience, or the .ppt file can be distributed to others and they can watch it whenever they want by downloading a free viewer.

Sting is designed to create simulations rather than slide shows, but the editing process is the same. A knowledgeable user can use the Sting Editor to create their simulation and save it into a Sting simulation file (.sim). The simulation can be run from the Editor, or the .sim file can be distributed to others who can watch it whenever they want by downloading the free Sting Player.

Who uses Sting?

Anyone who wants to create interactive simulations or share information with others might find Sting useful. In addition, some of our products have features that are custom-designed for specific industries. Here are just a few examples:

  • A sports coach could create a set of plays or drills for their team to learn
  • A therapist can use Sting to engage a client during a therapy session
  • A teacher, professor or training company could create an interactive simulation to use as a teaching aid
  • A company could create a simulation to better demonstrate how their product fits into a larger network
  • An employee can present information to colleagues or to a manager at a team meeting

Can I publish my simulations on the Internet?

Yes, you can save your simulation output to internet-ready video files which you can upload to a video sharing website such as YouTube ® or Vimeo ®. Videos are stored in Windows Media Video (WMV) ® format, which is optimized for capturing screen videos and which stores the video data in relatively small video files. Note that some interactive features available when you run simulations in the Sting Player are not supported in the video files.

Videos created with Sting Free or with your trial version will include Yellowjacket Software watermarks, but these can be removed or customized by purchasing Sting Innovator.

Can I do analysis work with Sting?

Sometimes. We are currently working to add interactive features that will allow our users do analysis work for different industries. Please contact us if you have an idea for applying Sting to a specific type of analytical work. We may be able to accommodate you, or we can add your idea to our to-do list.

Do I need to be a computer or simulation expert to use Sting?

No! You just use our editing canvas to draw and position simulation objects, and then customize things using simple property windows. It is easy to use and no specific computer, simulation or programming knowledge is required.

How is Sting different from other animation programs?

One important difference is that Sting uses triggers to define when actions will occur when the simulation is running. For example, you might create a trigger that will always change the icon for an object if that object get within 50 pixels of another object. Rules like this make it easier to coordinate actions between various objects in your simulation.

How does the money-back guarantee work?

You can request a refund any time in the first 30 days after your purchase. You just have to send an email to orders@yellowjacket.ca and we will process your refund. Your email must state that you will no longer use the products you purchased. If your purchase included a digital download you must also confirm that you have deleted the downloaded files. Your feedback on why you want the refund would also be appreciated, as we can use it to try to also improve our products for our other customers.

Will you keep my financial information safe?

All of the processing for your purchase is done by FastSpring. FastSpring uses industry-standard encryption to protect the confidentiality of your payment information. Your financial information is not stored on the Yellowjacket servers.

How do Sting licenses work?

Sting product licenses are sold on a per-user basis. That is, after your purchase you can register your license on more than one computer if you are the primary user on each of these computers. However, if more than one person will be regularly using the software then you must purchase a license for each person.

By default, you can register your license on two computers. If you try to register your license on additional computers you will be prompted to uninstall one copy of the software. Alternatively, you can send an email request to orders@yellowjacket.ca to add an additional computer to your license (please include your order details in this email). We reserve the right to allocate additional computers at our discretion.

You can download and install Sting Free and the Sting Player on as many computers as you like.

What support options are available?

You can ask a question at any time on our public forums, and our team will make every effort to answer your question on a timely basis.

You can purchase a support ticket if you would like to ask us a private question or send us a document for review (the forums do not support document uploads). Each support ticket is valid for a single issue. Support tickets will be answered by a Sting developer and are given priority over forum questions. You will get a discount on your purchase if you buy support tickets along with a product, or if you purchase five or more support tickets at the same time.

How does the trial period work?

The trial period allows you to use all Sting products and features for 30 days. The only restrictions are that a Yellowjacket watermark will be added to any video files you create, and some of the graphics we normally provide may not be available. These restrictions will be removed when you purchase the appropriate product.

When the trial period expires you can continue creating simulation using Sting Free features in the Editor. However, you will no longer be able to use the Editor to open or create simulations that use features in our paid products.

Note that you can always use the Sting Player to run any simulation created in the Sting Editor. This is true regardless of which features are used in the simulation, and regardless of whether or not your trial period has ended.

How do I register my software?

You will be provided an order number when your purchase is complete, which you can then enter in the Help / Register dialog of the Sting Editor. The Editor will contact our server and automatically enable the features that you purchased. You can confirm that the registration was successful by reviewing the details in the Help / About dialog.

If you do not have internet access or if there was a problem during the registration we can email you a registration key for a manual install. Just follow the same steps as above and if the registration fails the Editor will provide instructions on how to proceed.

Can I get an upgrade discount?

Yes! Just reply to your order confirmation email stating which new product you would like to purchase, and we will send you a coupon worth the value of your original purchase. You can then enter the coupon on the order checkout page for your new product. Please allow one business day for us to process your request.

Upgrade discounts are available if you have purchased Sting Innovator or a Sting Professional product and would like to upgrade to the Sting Bundle, or if you have purchased Sting Innovator and would like to upgrade to a sting Professional product.

Are Sting products compatible with each other?

Yes, all features for Sting products will work with and complement features from any other product.

What is the difference between Sting Free and other products?

You can use the features in all of our products when you download the Sting Editor to start your trial period. Sting Free drawing and editing windows are common to all of our products and make it easy to create a graphical simulation. The features in our paid products either extend the basic editing features of Sting Free and or offer customizations for particular industries. When the trial period expires you can still run the Editor and use the String Free features, but features for other products that you have not purchased will no longer be available.

What is multi-level undo/redo?

Sting Free allows you to undo and redo up to three editing actions in the graphical editor. However, when you purchase Sting Innovator you will be able to undo and redo up to 256 editing actions. This is virtually unlimited for most simulation editing.

How big is the download install file?

The install file is around 40 MB. Much of this size is added because we include thousands of images organized into an images tree containing dozen of categories. This helps to ensure you can concentrate on developing your simulation rather than searching around the internet for clip art. Of course, you can still include your own images in simulations if you prefer.

Can I hide features that I don’t use?

Sting allows you to create profiles that will hide features from products that you don’t care about. Profiles are fully customizable, and we provide some industry-specific template profiles to help you get started.

Can I use my own images in a simulation?

Yes, the image selection dialog allows you to browse your Windows file system to select an image for simulation objects and backgrounds. Alternatively, Sting provides thousands of stock images you can use in your simulation.

How do animated and directional images work?

Sting supports animated and directional images, as shown in this hockey demo. These images are based on the Targa (.tga) image file format, but have been customized to add Sting-specific information to the developer area of the file. They are then stored with a .tgs file extension so Sting can determine how to parse the image.

We plan to include a .tgs image file editor that will allow you to create your own animated and directional images in a future release. Please register for our newsletter for updates.

What image types are supported by Sting?

The following image types are supported: bitmap (.bmp), JPEG (.jpg), GIF (.gif), TIFF (.tif), Targa (.tga) and Sting-specific Targa (.tgs).

Can I use Sting images in other projects?

No, the images included in the Sting install are protected by copyrights owned by Yellowjacket Software or our image suppliers, and they can only be used in your Sting simulations. Please send an email to orders@yellowjacket.ca if you would like to enquire about purchasing images for use in other projects.

How can I create a background for my simulation?

If you don’t already have an image file you can create your own from a screenshot, as described at this Wikipedia article. Then you can add the screenshot image from the Tools / Background menu option in the Sting Editor.

What is the difference between a simulation file and a video file?

A simulation file is a Windows file with a .sim file extension, and it can be edited in the Sting Editor or run in the Sting Player. A video file has a .wmv file extension, and it can be run in video players such as Windows Media Player or uploaded to a file sharing website such as YouTube or Vimeo. A video file for a simulation can be created from the Sting Editor.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of video files?

The main reason you would want to use video files is to be able to share your simulations over the Internet.

The Sting Player contains a set of runtime controls similar to video players, such as Play, Pause, Stop and so on. However, the Player also contains additional functionality that may allow the user to interact with the simulation when it is running, if such features are utilized by the simulation author. For example, some widgets can be clicked or scrolled when the simulation is being run. This interactivity is not available in video players.

You may also find that simulations run in the Sting Player have a smoother animation since the Player is not affected by the compression techniques used to reduce the size of video files.

Can I save my video in a file format other than .wmv?

It is easy to convert your video to other formats using a video converter such as Any&nbspVideo&nbspConverter, which is available for free. Such tools will also typically allow you to clip, crop and edit your video in other ways prior to uploading them to the Internet.